Learning Resources Centers

Hotel Management is all about practical hands on learning. 70% of the course is taught by practical training and 30% through theory classroom delivery. A brief description of our Learning Resources Centers is provided here below:

Reception & Counselling Room

A visitor area, comprising of Reception and Counselling room, is located at the entrance of the institute to interact with visitors an counsel students at the time of admission and in the training programs also, whenever required.


All the classrooms in the Institute, are air-conditioned, well ventilated and are designed for comfortable seating for effective learning. Each large sized classroom has a capacity for seating 35-40 students comfortably.

The institute uses the latest technological projector called the KYAN (developed by IIT Mumbai), which converts the class into a SMART CLASS.

Food & Beverage Training Restaurants

The institute has three Training Restaurants. The 40-seater restaurants are fairly large like most restaurants you visit. Well-equipped and well-stacked, the restaurants have an ambience of mock sessions of Food & Beverage.

The training in Bartending provides the add on skills for any F & B professional. Many students are now working as successful bartenders in the hotels making it to the Cruise Lines as well.

Front Office Training Lab & Housekeeping Training Lab

Our training labs provide hands-on training for two major departments of Hotel Operations, namely the Front Office and the Housekeeping.

The Front Office Training Lab is the point of reception, and our labs teach the students about various nuances of first interaction truth through practical training.

The Housekeeping Training Lab, provides hands-on training in maintaining cleanliness of rooms and public areas, interior designing, aesthetics, flower arrangement, horticulture, laundry, linen etc through practical sessions in our lab.

Training Kitchen

Our Training Kitchen is of an area of 1000 plus sq ft dedicated to the Training in Food Production. The lab is well equipped with modern kitchen equipment for training, as well as conducting Mock Sessions, Special and Elaborate 5 Star Hotel Breakfast Menu, and training students in finer traits of becoming a good chef.

IT Lab

The 35-seater IT Lab is spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated air-conditioned, equipped with computers for training on all aspects of computerization in hotels, their working as well as maintenance. Working knowledge of booking engines and other online tools for the Hospitality Industry is also provided. High-speed seamless internet connectivity is also provided.


The institute has a well-stocked library and reading room, where students can spend their spare time to enhance their knowledge in all areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as update themselves with latest innovations in this field.

Theory & Practical Training Sessions

Along with theory classes, a lot of Practical Training Sessions are conducted regularly, to instil confidence as well as to inculcate the spirit of service in the students. Speakers from top hotels are invited to give insights and tips to the students, which help in building their confidence and help in learning the finer nuances of this global industry.

Our programs are known for instilling the right mix of industry know-how, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. That is why 100% of our graduates find relevant employment shortly after graduation and a large majority of our alumni are in a senior management position or higher roles in India and Abroad.

Life at Visan is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new cultures and ways of thinking. In class, in sports, in extracurricular groups and on excursions, you will gain new perspectives from your classmates and learn to understand cultures from around the world.