Director’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to the New Session!

I am privileged and honoured to welcome you to the family of Visan. You have taken the right decision to join the Hospitality Industry. Plenty of opportunities and a fabulous career ahead.

You will always be remembered and known by the institution that you graduate from and so Visan belongs to all of you, always more than anyone here, so cherish your time here to become budding Hoteliers of the Gen Next.

With a strong committed intellectual heartbeat, our teachers, staff, and all team members are here to handhold you. We are all here to ensure that you learn every aspect of the hotel industry, especially what is not taught in the books – to prepare you for that wonderful glamorous happiness industry called the SERVICE INDUSTRY as Hospitality Leaders.

Once you graduate you will not only be ready for the Hotel Industry but also to take upon fantastic opportunities in every other Industry not related directly, as hospitality is a part of each successful business enterprise today.

Hospitality is in the very core being of a person, and fortunately we are blessed with it as an integral part of our ancient culture. “Athithi Devo Bhava” was taught to us by our elders and is carried down to generations.

I hope this session sees many rewards and recognitions through excellence in every field and much more harmony, cooperation and understanding among all stakeholders and greater happiness all around!

We measure our success when our budding hoteliers start climbing the ladders of success through reaching great heights in their career pathway, becoming entrepreneurs or simply using the knowledge in their day-to-day life, and inspire the next generation to take up the mantle of hospitality, to be strong leaders of tomorrow.

The institution is made of the synergy between the teachers, students, and parents, with student wellbeing and grooming in the foremost thought. Let us all work towards this Quest of Grooming Future Hospitality Leadership.

Sangeeta Ranjit