Certificate Course in Airport Management

Course Code: VH012

The three months programs in Airport Management is specially designed to prepare the students to acquire skills and knowledge for the aviation industry related to the Ground handling operations.

With exceptional educational modules, practical training, distinguished faculty, and unique certification credentials, this program helps students gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Apart of the eligibility criteria mentioned, aspirants must possess a passport or apply for it at the beginning of the course.

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Course Duration: 3 Months

Airports have an extremely busy round the clock operations. This 3 months compact and comprehensive program covers all the aspects of the working at the highly demanding job profile at the airport managing not only operations but emergency situations, guest handling and delays etc.

The course focuses on personality development, details of the airline industry, safety protocols, guest handling and all the standard operating protocols of Airport Management.

Course Structure

The ground staff plays an extremely vital role in the airline function. They are responsible for all the ground operation activities of an airline. This program enables a trainee to get professional skills in ground handling tasks like ticketing, flight boarding, baggage scanning, airport maintenance and other activities.

On successfully completing the course, you will have in-depth knowledge of the principles and operational procedures utilized by the aviation industry and will be able to deal with customer enquiries efficiently.

This course combines classroom lessons and practical learning. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the principles and operational procedures in the Airline and Aviation industry. You will get the right technical training, and also polish your personality, and learn to manage customer enquiries effectively. Our trainers will groom you to improve self-presentation and communication skills.

Course Modules

  • Change Management
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Persona Management
  • Load & Trim
  • Cargo & DGR
  • Aviation Operations
  • Principles of Aviation
  • Customer Service Concept
  • Moments of Truth
  • Resource Management
  • Flight Scheduling
  • Airport Ramp Management

Career Prospects

With this comprehensive training, the trainees can apply for the domestic airlines ground staff. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees can rise up the ladder quickly to become managers and lead the airlines ground staff operations. Complete details have been provided in our ‘Career Prospects’ page.

Admission Process

All information pertaining to Eligibility, Documents, Application Form and Application Process has been given in our ‘Admissions’ page.

Facilities at Campus

The general facilities provided to our students, including Accommodation, Medical, Sports, Recreation etc have been given in our ‘General Resources’ page.

Visan’s infrastructure including Classrooms, Training Restaurants, IT Lab, Training Kitchen & Labs, etc have been given in our ‘Learning Resources Center’ page.

Course Fee

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