Most hotel staff dream and aspire to join the Cruise lines. It is the ultimate destination, as it is an extension of the work they are already doing, the only difference being that Cruise Liner is a hotel on the Sea!

Once selected to work on a Cruise Ship, you reach a different level with tax-free excellent salary, lots of monetary incentives, various perks, free accommodation and meals, paid opportunity to travel the world, paid vacation, as well as working with international colleagues and serving high profile international clientele.

According to Cruise Market Watch, 323 ships sailed into 2022 but there are likely to be 25 new vessels added this year. So far, seven of these were delivered in 2021 and are debuting this year.

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Cruiseline Programs

With Visan Hospitality, the established launch pad for a dream career in the hospitality offers a wide range of programs for entry into the glamorous world of Cruiseliners.

Cruise ship jobs entail skills quite different from those required for similar shore-based jobs.Hence, most cruise ships have their own on-board training programmes to ensure you are familiar with their in-house practices. However, some basic training is required before you take on cruise ship jobs.

Since Cruise Ship is a Super Luxury 7 Star Hotel floating on water, serving the global guests on it demands poise and service of international standards and of the highest level.

This is exactly what is taught in our intensive Cruiseline programs. The focus is on Communications Skills and Soft Skills with an attitude to serve international guests.

The following Cruiseline courses are conducted by Visan:

Certificate Course for

Cruise Lines

(Food & Beverage Service Steward)

Certificate Course for

Cruise Lines

(Commis Chef)

Career after Cruiseline Professional Programs

By completing these Cruiseline course, you will not only have an advantage when you start your initial shipboard training, but you will also greatly improve your chances of being hired by a Cruise Liner company.

Students who complete the CLPP gain tremendous confidence, which is invaluable for a cruise line interview, giving them the ‘winning edge’ they need to get hired.

The service and hospitality positions in a Cruise Liner are categorised into four departments, namely, Food and Beverage, Hotel Administration, Purser and Housekeeping.

There are many job roles one can get in these departments like Bartender, Chief Cabin Steward, Galley Steward, Bellman, Buffet Server, Chief Steward /Housekeeper, Baker, Butcher, Dining Room Waiter, Cocktail Server, Wine Steward, as well as Senior Managerial Staff and Department Heads etc, all being extremely vital to the passenger’s happiness.

Admission Process

All information pertaining to Eligibility, Documents, Application Form and Application Process has been given in our ‘Admissions’ page.

Facilities at Campus

The general facilities provided to our students, including Accommodation, Medical, Sports, Recreation etc have been given in our ‘Facilities’ page.

Visan’s infrastructure including Classrooms, Training Restaurants, IT Lab, Training Kitchen & Labs, etc have also been given in our ‘Facilities’ page.