Diploma in Mixology & Bartending

Course Code: HMTS048

Bartending is an excellent career for those who love to follow their hobby and are not happy with a routine 9-5 job. It pays well when one becomes a seasoned bartender, as they are in much demand and are paid handsomely for the events.

An extrovert personality helps the bartender to create a lasting impression on the guests by engaging in meaningful conversation and entertainment with the guests. Moreover a charming personality and powerful communication skills are important aspects of a well-groomed eloquent bartender.

Besides teaching the art and science of Bartending and Mixology, this course prepares students for eloquent conversations with guests to keep them involved and happy, thus leaving a lasting wow experience for them in hotels, restaurants, bars, cruise ships, international airlines, corporate events and high profile weddings.

Apart of the eligibility criteria mentioned, aspirants must possess a passport or apply for it at the beginning of the course.

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    Course Duration: 1 Year

    This one-year comprehensive program covers all the aspects of bartending as well as mixology.

    Along with the mastering the art of bartending, it imparts knowledge of designing and preparing cocktail menu in an interactive manner.

    It also includes unique and specialised garnishing techniques for serving cocktails.

    Course Structure

    This one year comprehensive program covers all the aspects of bartending, as well as teaches the finer nuances of mixology, by focussing on complete knowledge on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and their service, Flair techniques, Preparing cocktails & mocktails with innovation and flair.

    This Diploma in mixology and bartending imparts knowledge of the science of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, which are acquired skills that come through on the job training, which is a regular part of this course.

    As a good bartender must have good sense and knowledge of theatrics while serving, hence stress is also laid on teaching the skills of having great conversations to engage the guests – may be some couplets and anecdotes to keep the environment live and the guest thrilled at the event or party.

    Diploma Awarded: BSS

    Certificate Awarded by Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS), National Development Agency, established in 1952 by Planning Commission, Govt of India.

    Course Modules

    HMTS053-01: Communicative English & Computer Fundamentals
    HMTS053-02: Basic Alcohol Theory
    HMTS053-03: Advanced Alcohol Theory
    HMTS053-04: Flair Bartending
    HMTS053-05: Practical-I
    HMTS053-06: Practical-II
    HMTS053-07: Practical- III
    HMTS053-08: Practical- IV

    Additional Modules

    • Bar Setup and Simulations
    • Bartender communication & body language
    • Cocktails & Alcoholic Beverages
    • Advanced bartending techniques
    • Inventory management
    • Different types of flair
    • Training on the job with real life applications

    Career Prospects

    After the completion of this course, you can get job opportunity in various Domestic Airlines like Air India, Vistara, SpiceJet, Indigo, GoAir, etc as well as Foreign Airlines like British Airways, Qantas Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Gulf Air and many more. Complete details have been provided in our ‘Career Prospects’ page.

    Admission Process

    All information pertaining to Eligibility, Documents, Application Form and Application Process has been given in our ‘Admissions’ page.

    Facilities at Campus

    The general facilities provided to our students, including Accommodation, Medical, Sports, Recreation etc have been given in our ‘General Resources’ page.

    Visan’s infrastructure including Classrooms, Training Restaurants, IT Lab, Training Kitchen & Labs, etc have been given in our ‘Learning Resources Center’ page.

    Course Fee

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